Grease Guardian

Grease Guardian: Automatic Grease Removal

Grease is the number one cause of pipe blockages in commercial kitchens and canteens. Grease Guardian is an on site solution that automaticaly separates and removes grease, oil and fat from kitchen wastewatert and increases the sfficiency of wastewater treatment processes.

Three Stage Operation System

Stage 1 : Solids Collection
Wastewater from the kitchen is directed through the inlet pipe where a removable strainer basket collects any solid debris. The top lid has a special hinged section for easy access to empty the basket.

Stage 2 : Grease and Oil Separation
The wastewater containing free-floating grease and oils enters the retention chamber. The lighter grease and oils immediately rise to the surface and remain trapped. The water portion of the flow exits by displacement under the outlet baffle to final

Stage 3 : Self Cleaning And Grease Removal
A heating system located in the retention chamber is activated by a timer mechanism
set to suit each individual kitchen. A motor-operated skimming wheel collects the melted surface materials and transfers them to the outlet pipe using a wiper blade assembly. The skimmed grease and oils flow through the pipe to a collection container supplied with the system.

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