Waste Water Pump Station Installation & Maintenance

Sewage Pumping

If a sewer is available within a reasonable distance or at a higher level it is simple to install a packaged pumping station to transfer waste water or surface water into sewer. Made in glass fibre, or polypropylene and fitted with either a single pump (individual dwellings) or twin pump ( multiple dwellings ).

Pump chambers are available in 1000 mm. dia. through to 1850 mm. diameter with normal maximum depths of 2.5m. (Larger sizes and depths can be made available.)
Pumps are supplied with all internal pipework, either single or twin pump systems, valves and level controls.

A control panel, supplied separately, can be mounted within a garage, outbuilding or kiosk which can be supplied and sited adjacent to the chamber.


A comprehensive range of pumps for Sewage, water, and any other imaginable liquids are always available, information on request.

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Sewage and Pumping Solutions with Installation and Maintenance
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