Sewage Ejectors

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Sewage Ejectors

3214 EJ with 25 MV spares list-1 copyIt has become apparent to us “oldies” at Cleartek that the age old very effective method of raising the liquid from one level to that of a higher level (loosely known as pumping) ,is one that even after more than 100 years of operation – with –  very few companies knowing of the simplicities of operation of these machines and has become “old hat” a process which although in this day and age is classed as un-economical, but how can something installed in 1939 (just as World War 2 just starting) and still working today be classed as uneconomical, with virtually no maintenance –  similar centrifugal  pump requiring regular maintenance , One such project  has been uncovered recently (one of many) an old WW2 RN stores depot which has been operating within various guy-es until now, and we are in the process of overhauling one of its EJECTOR valves now – yes the parts are still available now – who can think after 70 years parts for your Submersible pump would still be available – think on !!!!!!.


The point worth noting is these units still work “in efficiently” but they still work and generally wont let you down- rite on


  1. Was working on some of these (Adams Hydraulics) on Tuesday in London – originally installed by us in 1990! Still working fine!

    • They are Brilliant but very in efficient in this day and age

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