Water Treatment

The treatment of  water can takes many forms some examples of these which are as follows:-

1. Cartridge Filter  sometimes referred Sediment Filters are used to  remove in-organic solid material. The wound cartridge in the following photo is in fact a 5 micron cartridge.

Selection of Size/Type of Cartridge Filters

Selection of Size/Type of Cartridge Filters

2.Activated Carbon Filters (AC) Fit into same housing as Cartridge filters (shown above) are particles of Carbon that have been treated in such a way to increase surface area and increase their ability to adsorb (as opposed to absorb) a range of contaminants – generally used to remove organic products from the water rather than in-organic. There are two basic types in general use namely Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and Solid Block Activated Carbon (SBAC). The two solid blue cartridges in the above picture in the see through housing are in fact SBAC Cartridges



3.Sand Filtration (Usually self cleaning) again to remove solid material as well as removing some elements such as e.g iron, correct pH etc.

Water Filter

Sand Filter awaiting Frost Damaged repair

4.UV Disinfection to kill bacteria.UV Filter

5.Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection again to kill bacteria.

Twin Hypo Dosing system for Feeds from Hill and more polluted River supply into common tank

Twin Hypo Dosing system for Feeds from Hill and more polluted River supply into common tank

6.Chemical additives such as flocculants, caustic soda to alter pH etc.

Caustic Soda dosing system to adjust pH

Caustic Soda dosing system to adjust pH

7. Reverse Osmosis is a very effective of treating seawater to produce drinking water (sometimes known as Potable Water utilising water at fairly high pressure to force water molecules through generally  plastic type tubes, the energy used can be very high as the “waste” or “dump rate can be as much as 4 gallons of waste to 1 gallon of drinking water.

8. Atmospheric Water Generators although not really a treatment system as such but a method of producing water from the atmosphere by condensing water molecules out of the air and treating the resultant water to make it drinking quality.

Installation of Water Treatment systems in part of out range of services


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