Reed Bed

A reed bed can be an effective method of further treatment or Tertiary treatment prior to discharge to a water course or soak away.

A reed bed is simply a tank dug into the ground where final effluent enters at one end, and  a polished effluent exits the other.

Pre Fabricated Reed Bed before Gravel/Reeds installed

Pre-Fabricated Reed Bed before Gravel/Reeds installed

The tank is usually lined with a waterproof material clay, plastic, rubber or the likes, is filled with suitably graded gravel and planted out with the common reed (Phragmites australis) which like most other living plants converts Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen, in the case of the common reed the oxygen exits the plant by way of the roots or rhizomes assisting in the break down of the effluent by reducing BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) by adding oxygen to the flow through of water.

Most commonly a level control chamber is installed at outlet to provide the roots of the Reeds with water and nutrients initially by flooding the Reed bed and gradually reducing the amount of depth of water in the reed bed to a point the reeds roots can still reach the liquid.

Treatment and Pumping Solutions with Installation and Maintenance

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