Septic Tanks

Septic Tank Treatment, Installation & Maintenance

Septic Tank:  A small scale sewage treatment system also referred to as a septic system.

Domestic dwellings that are not connected to a sewer can flush waste water into an underground septic tank where household sewage is gradually decomposed by anaerobic bacteria. Solids and dead bacteria settle to the bottom as sludge while the liquid portion flows into the ground through drains

Septic tanks provide a small scale sewage treatment system, also referred to as a septic system, that is an economic and efficient solution to sewage disposal and off-mains drainage.

Based in Scotland, Cleartek provide septic tank treatment, installation and maintenance services for clients, so to find out more about our range of range of environmentally friendly Sewage Treatment and Water Pollution Control Plants or to request a free quotation Contact Cleartek Services

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