Circular Matrix Sewage Plants

For households or small communities not connected to mains drainage the Apollo Circular range of quality, cost effective and low maintenance Sewage Treatment Plant.

Outstanding value for money benefits from

Yearly desludging intervals due to extended aerobic process.
Easy installation – unique design reduces excavation costs
Low operation costs from the small efficient compressor
Robust construction alleviates need for concrete
No Odours from an efficient aeration process
Low Visual impact – 1000mm x 1000mm cover, flush with ground
Excellent performance meeting normal consent standards


Range of three Matrix Circular models available for households with population equivalents up to 12 persons.
No internal working parts – requires less than two hours maintenance a year.
Iinternal weir design ensures continuous high performance by reducing the impact of surges from the flow of sewage and waste water.
Using well established technology the Apollo design meets high standards of performance testing

Compressor Installation

The compressor is supplied with a housing to protect it in a garage or out-house environment and needs to be connected to a single phase supply (230v) by a competent electrician. Included is 10 metres of airline to connect the compressor to the tank. If the compressor is to be sited more than 10 metres from the tank please contact Cleartek Services for advice.
System Components & Materials

Tank – Propylex and other plastic components Standard external compressor – Linear motor compressor

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Sewage Treatment Plants and Installation
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