Upward Flow Clarifier

Upward Flow Clarifier’s (UFC’s) are fairly simple devices which will improve the effluent quality of a good quality effluent i.e. They will make a good quality effluent better, they will not improve an already poor quality effluent.


UFC’s generally take the form of a tank, either rectangular or circular with a baffle at one end (also housing a pump for sludge return). Operation is simple enough –  the effluent enters and is faced with a baffle which encourages the flow downwards – then, generally through suitable sized slot at lower part of the baffle,entering into cavity below a support deck filled with  graded gravel or sand (filter media) or more expensively wedge wire, where the effluent rises through this filter media and  further “cleansed” of Suspended solids, then out over an overflow weir to the outlet.


The pump works to reverse the flow through the media and draw out and particles and return them back through settlement system for re settlement, usually the pump is normally controlled by a timer as a minimum, however, an automatic control system based on levels can also be fitted.

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