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Selection of Size/Type of Cartridge Filters

Selection of Size/Type of Cartridge Filters

Cleartek has been  commissioned by the Scottish Government to provide clean, bacteria free water to 29 crofts in Loch Portain, North Uist.

REMIT:- To treat the water ( which was classed as undrinkable by Environmental Health) from a hill loch supplying  raw water to 29 Crofts on the North of the Island of North Uist without altering the taste, as the south of the island is fed from a Treatment plant using high levels of Chlorine to kill bacteria and residents were aware of high levels of residual chlorine in the water of the South. Using  the same water as the south was ruled out due to the cost implication.

SURVEY:- A survey was carried out initially to inspect the intake which at some points was over 2 miles from Outlying properties.

SOLUTION:- Intake was too far into hills to run any form of power, a wind generator with battery storage would provide power but any treatment to kill bacteria would require heavy dosage of chemicals which had storage/transportation issues. The only solution was to install a simple cartridge filter followed by a UV tube kill bacteria in each property at point of use, and on a second and subsequent visit the location of the 29 filters were identified ranging from under the floor, in the roof space, under bath, under kick plate of unit under  sink, to more traditional locations as cupboard either under sink or close by.all 29 houses were “kitted” out with their own treatment system.UV Filter

CONCLUSION:-Over a three week period all  units were fitted to the satisfaction of the Occupier, Scottish Government and Environmental Health


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