Grease Guardian on Guard

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Grease Guardian on Guard

Was employed by a London Based supplier of Grease Guardians to visit two sites in the new Fort Kinnaird area of Edinburgh to ensure they have been installed correctly, then set them up to suit each individual Site.


Once set up at Frankie and Benny’s and Chiquito’s Restaurants both units had to be introduced to the Chef, Managers and cleaning staff to ensure they knew what the units could do for them as well as the unique features of the units namely:-

  • Alarm set off if lid is not lifted off every day. to make sure its being checked daily.
  • Alarm sounds every three months to indicate Trained staff need to be called out to ensure┬áthe unit is thoroughly cleaned out and any changes in programme needs to be trimmed to site conditions.
  • Basket strainer designed to take heavy food material out of water.
  • Grease Container designed to catch all grease removed for disposal and re use by others

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