Returning Customer Again and Again

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Returning Customer Again and Again

A good Customer who used us for the first time back in 2002 to Design Supply Install a packaged Sewage Treatment Plant for up to 90 Population to replace an old Trickling Filter Treatment system, has surprised us yet again by returning to us for help.

In 2002 all the metalwork and mechanics of the old System had been removed and probably sold as Scrap many years before and all that remained was a single pipe with raw Sewage Running out the end disappearing into the gravel and then appearing – no where new.

So a replacement Treatment plant was designed, and what was left of the old system was ripped out, and the new Packaged Plant was installed on a new concrete slab which the air provided by Duty/Standby Blowers with power being fed from Main Building some 250m away

The Plant has been maintained by ourselves since 2002, including desludging, over a series of occupiers and has never failed the client once.

Now the client is hoping to appeal to a greater range of Clientele and asked us to design a system for up to 125 People which we have done today which includes for using the same supply cable and Electrics from Main house – as due to improvements in efficiency of the blowers requires no change in size (new blower is smaller than old blower although a bigger plant).


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