The best reason ever for maintenance

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The best reason ever for maintenance

Was asked to visit site recently by a client who only contacts us when he feels something was wrong with his Klargester Plant to find the shaft has been running on the steel-work after wearing itself through plastic Bearing Shells, leaving the shaft only a fraction of the original diameter not the 1″ original but more like 1/4″ now.

A new shaft was ordered along with new bearings-the gearbox and motor assembly was removed- the old shaft lifted out using Lifting frames and chainblocks – plastic media sheets were carefully removed one by one, and the old support frame removed, the old shaft removed from site for disposal.

Re assembly was almost the reverse of the dismantling but we had to carefully insure that the media sheets hed to be placed properly to ensure the passageways between were left open to ensure through flow of effluent for effective treatment.

Due the new bearings and new shaft the motor and gearbox had to lifted a bit more than before to ensure the rollers meshed with the drive sprocket to give a smooth drive action when started up and set to work.

As you can imagine the cost for carrying out this was more prohibitive than checking the Bearings every three to six months

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